Episode 40

Published on:

22nd May 2024

Ep40: EFL Championship Play Of Final Preview - Leeds United v Southampton FC

In this weeks episode we look back at two excellent play off semi final 2nd leg games. The performances by the winners left us in no doubt that these are the two teams deserving their place to fight it out on May 26th for the right to return to the English Premier League.

We think it will be a very close match, and picking a winner is a toss of a coin really. Both teams are capable of creating lots of chances and scoring lots of goals on their day...... so we could be in for a goal fest...... or will both teams take the more cautious approach making sure not to be caught out of their shape and vulnerable for the counter attack.

Will we see the teams from the 1st leg? Or will the managers loosen the reins and let the teams play like they did in the 2nd leg?

Time will tell, but you do wonder, after David Wagner got relieved of his duty after their late surge into the playoffs..... will Russell Martin and Daniel Farke be wary of needing to brush up their CV before next season starts?

Let's get ready for a match that could propel the winner into dream land, and potentially send the loser into a nightmare off season.

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